Provide a channel for Client and Architect communication. Detailed Monthly Reports on Progress and all aspects of construction.

Site Management of the day to day construction of the development, including:
• Appointment of Site Supervisor
• Layout of Golf Course.
• Tree and Works Protection
• Bulk Earthworks (Earth Movement) Management.
• Appointment of Shaper (Usually 10-12 months – Not included in fees)
• Appointment of Irrigation Supervisor (Not included in fees)
• Drainage Installation oversight.
• Management & Training of feature construction (Tees, Greens and Bunker Installation).
• Monitoring/Training of the finishing and grassing of the golf course.
• Assistance with Clubhouse design & location
• Coordinating the installation of all utilities and infrastructure construction
• Provide grow-in and on going maintenance services program.
• Supervision, management and review of logistics, requirements and construction costs
• Co-ordination of Construction Schedule
• Grow-In/Establishment and Programming
• Progress monitoring
• Prepare, evaluate and ultimately advise on maintenance machinery required.
• Advice on operational structure for course maintenance and club operational expenses.

Technical Services Offered
• Agronomy
• Drainage System Design
• Construction Specifications
• Sourcing & Sampling Raw Materials
• Irrigation Requirements
• Establishment & Maintenance Programming
• Landscape Design
• Tree & Shrub Planting & Management
• Ecology


Yates Landscapes has developed a model for co-ordinating a project seamlessly from inception through to completion.
The planning phase is essential to the success of any development. Any “rushed” planning will inevitably lead to changes to the critical path of the project with attendant cost overrun implications.
To this end Yates Landscapes will ensure a tried and tested professional team is appointed, with all members able to deliver the right results in a timeous manner.
Yates Landscapes Project Consulting appoint and coordinate the professional team and liaise with the client group. We set out the program for approvals and the appropriate start of the project. Yates Landscapes project consulting oversees all the professional team submissions and approvals. Yates Landscapes also manages the tender process, approvals and appointments.
Golf Estate Feasibility/Viability Modeling

The most crucial part of a proposed golf estate is the planning phase. This involves the appointment of the full professional team.
From the information supplied by the team and tender documents generated, Yates Landscapes will build a model for the timing, expenditure, cash flow and revenue streams to ensure a viable and ultimately successful project.

The Professional Team
Below is a brief rundown of the typical make-up of the professional team together with a short precis of their respective responsibilities.

Legal Team
Land availability / purchase agreement / Option to purchase. Land Claims investigations if applicable. Determining and setting up organisational structures (Homeowners Rules, etc). Tender documentation review.

Sourcing general plans, title deeds, cadastral info. Sourcing air survey, topo maps, existing contour info. Converting existing mapping to digital. Preparing development general plan.

Town Planners
Preparation of general arrangement. Preparation of interim layout. Preparation of Development Application Report. Preparation & submission of Rezoning Application if required.

Geotechnical/Consultant Engineers
Initial desktop geotechnical assessment. Site visit and landform inspection. Preparation of Development Application geotech report.

Initial Environmental screening. Environmental Scoping Study and report. Ensure Environmental Impact Assessment approvals. Advertising and public information meetings. Monitor contractors to ensure EIA compliance.

Preparation of initial architectural theme and code. Preparation of sketches and typical structure styles. Urban design concept report. Gatehouse and clubhouse design.

Consultant Engineers
Initial roads layout with planner. Roads longsections and horizontal alignment. Stormwater management assessment pre and post development. Stormwater control system layout including retention ponds and sizings. Bulk water supply determination including fire fighting supply. Bulk sanitation determination including waste water treatment works. Bulk electrical supply determination. Telecomms investigation. Initial Traffic study and detailed impact assessment if required. Water resources assessment – groundwater, surface water, recycling. Water resources applications to Department of Water Affairs. Package engineering services report for government approval. Obtain services agreements with municipality line departments.
Golf Course Architect (Yates Landscapes Project Consulting)
Initial layout design. Initial budget and costing. Overlay with town planner to ensure safety zone from golf course. Master Layout and design co-ordination during construction.

Market Research/Sales
Determine demand. Determine Price Expectations for plots to confirm feasibility. Advertising.

Yates Landscapes Project Consulting/Project Manager
Coordinate professional team and liaise with client group.

Identify a complete security solution for the estate.