Tyrone Yates as the designer; centres himself in all aspects of the design and construction phase of a new or redesigned golf course.

Special attention is given to the routing of the golf course so that the course will provide a variety of hole lengths, shot values and par sequence within the confines of the natural topography of the site. This ensures that the golf course will take on a natural appearance as if formed by the forces of nature. Strategic placement of tees, greens and hazards to confront and challenge the low handicapper while not unduly frustrating the player of lesser skill is given the utmost attention during design. Specific attention is also given to environmental considerations
The development of golf courses attracts the attention of most environmentalists who are concerned over the possible negative impact not only the construction of the golf course will have, but the overall affect it causes on the immediate environmental surrounding. The truth of the matter is, if built to international environmental standards, certain flora and terrestrial fauna benefit immensely. By utilising indigenous grasses tee to green; water usage (1,000,000 litres/day as opposed to 1.5 mil litres/day), fertiliser or chemical controls are minimal. In using indigenous grasses all areas adjacent to the playing areas can be enhanced in terms of reptile, amphibian, bird, mammal and terrestrial invertebrates’ habitats. Yates Landscapes maintains a strict eye on the Environmental Management Plan and control the construction phase with environmental strategies that eliminate these negative impacts or alternatively keep them to a minimum through awareness and rehabilitation strategies.

Design Services include:
Site Appraisal and Surveys
Preliminary routing plans and site layouts
Feasibility Studies
Costing & Financial Feasibility
Golf Course Design
Design Co-ordination
Course Staking
Tree Staking
Driving Range/Practice Facility Design
Planning & Other Statutory Permissions
Landscaping and Ecological Issues
Construction Drawings
Bill of Quantities & Contract Documentation