Yates Landscapes is a results driven organisation that focuses on optimising resource allocation and management within the professional services fields of golf course design and construction and golf estate development.
Yates Landscapes management has a strong track record, demonstrated by it’s active engagement in all essential aspects, from design, assisting developers with viability/feasibility modeling, through to facilitating approvals and then on to construction and grow-in.
Yates Landscapes is therefore well placed to offer a unique, full turnkey service.
With an established international network of companies and the most qualified people in the golf course construction industry, Yates Landscapes is able to co-ordinate and manage project teams from start to finish in a seamless manner.

Our experience has enabled us to ensure that:
1. We adhere to our critical path and construction timeframes
2. Eradicate wasteful expenditure
3. Maximise the use of available resources
4. Provide the best on-site technical expertise and quality control in the industry
5. Constantly monitor and report on cash flow, expenditure and progress.

With such specialist expertise, Yates Landscapes is fully equipped to provide first class golf courses, which are of the highest quality.
Yates Landscapes has the resources and expertise to ensure that a project is managed from inception to practical completion.
Yates Landscapes’s core business is therefore focused on:
a. Golf Course Design
b. Golf Estate Feasibility/Viability Modelling
c. Golf Estate Project Management/Consultancy
d. Golf Course Project Management/Consultancy
e. Golf Course Design Co-Ordination
f. Turf Grass Consultancy
g. Maintenance

Yates Landscapes has a wealth of experience gained over 20 years in the business. The two principals of the business, Tyrone Yates and Jon Bean started out in the construction and maintenance sectors before setting up a consultancy focused on design and project management. At the time of incorporation, there were no project managers in the golf course industry in South Africa that developers could turn to.

The net result was that developers would turn to designers for advice. The latter often advertised PM services as part of the “package of services”. Additionally, they would advise on for example agronomy “experts” to be used and indeed construction companies. This often led to a lack of competition and inflated contractor prices. Clearly this conflict of interest was skewed in the designers favour; they ended up with wonderful golf courses at the developers expense.
At the peak of golf estate development in South Africa, the above scenario resulted in courses being built which were costing in excess of US$16 million, which could conceivably have been built for half that with negligible loss of output quality.

Bearing the above in mind, Yates Landscapes has defined a different model whereby, we work solely for the developer/client of the golf course/estate.
This guarantees the client that all options presented and decisions derived will be done in the clients interest and with his authority.

Golf Course Design

In terms of design, we are confident that Tyrone offers the best value for money on offer. Tyrone is passionate about design not about legacy (His designs are after all his legacy). A great design will always stand the test of time.
Tyrone will work with you as the client and around budgetary constraints so that the design reflects optimisation of any budget. We have included a section on budgeting which illustrates factors which affect the golf course budget and thus also (where Tyrone is concerned) the design.
We will give you options with realistic costings that will ensure that you get a fantastic product that maximises your return on your spend and is conceptualised and executed around your specific and identified requirements. It is this important fact which makes your selection of designer and PM a difficult one as comparing “apples with apples” where golf courses are concerned is never easy, this is exemplified by “Big Name Designers”; the design fees can be deemed excessive (reflecting marketing opportunity/benefits rather than design benefits). Additionally, the rigidity of the attending construction specifications of the latter, generally ensure that the courses cost at least 30% more.
You will see from our resume that we have worked with many of the internationally recognised “Big Name Designers”. Every golf development project is different and the selection of the golf course architect needs to reflect the development requirements.

Project Management
From a PM perspective, we offer numerous options depending on client needs. In terms of construction we have fulfilled a number of different roles from identifying capable contractors and going to tender (Including all tender documentation for fixed cost, cost + and measured contracts), through to sourcing staff, equipment, materials etc for clients who prefer to construct their golf courses “in house”.

From the brief summation above, I think it is clear that before we quote on any job, we prefer to give a menu of options available and tailor-make a solution which best fits with overall project requirements, as it is clearly not a case of: “One size fits all”.